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As we are facing climate change, water is becoming an even more valuable resource. Efficient irrigation in agriculture is therefore moving in the centre of attention. Demand-oriented irrigation depends on multiple factors that used to cause a need for complex system technology with elaborate installation effort. planTection is going down a different path. Even complex facilities can be put in operation via plug & play easily and can be managed just as. Instead of a bulky server, planTection uses a small 'central module' for data transfer. 

We do not only deliver the pre-configured hardware, but also the matching software. Therefore, users can configurate their fields and modules as they need it to perfectly adapt their irrigation to existing conditions and circumstances.

Our state-of-the-art planTection app, is easy to use and can be customized to the specific needs of our customer. The app not only serves as a control instrument, but also as a source of information, in addition to the hardware.


Less effort. More profit.


  • Conserving resources: The use of fewer raw materials and less labour saves time and money.
  • Plug & Play: Setup and operation is easy and intuitive for the user.
  • Simple Workflow: With a few clicks, you can acquire the saved data from the cloud for reporting.
  • Safety: Users can always monitor and operate the system from anywhere via mobile devices. Alarms notify the user of any deviation.
  • Endless possibilities: We make many integrations to other technical facilities or individual control tasks possible.
  • Linking with other data sources: Geo and weather data can be accessed real-time and can be integrated in the system.  

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